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From Abuse To Love Part 2
Healing Practitioner

From Abuse to Love Part 2: Clearing Eczema

This contribution is a continuation of the article From Abuse to Love. Written anonymously in 2016, it detailed an honest and transparent account of experiencing extensive childhood sexual abuse. The article brought a level of revelation and understanding to the traumatic experience of continuous abuse which…

January 17, 2018
Open Letter to God
Friend Practitioner

Thank you God for Serge Benhayon

Dear God I feel it is time to write and say BIG Thank You for sending Serge Benhayon to earth at this time. Thank You sounds a bit like cheap words but our words today do not have the depth to express this more…

November 21, 2016
Francene Cartaar
Practitioner Readings

Cause of Severe Migraines Revealed

Most females in my family suffered from severe migraines and I experienced my own first migraine at around the age of 14. There was no pain at the start just a distortion in my vision, but then about 30 minutes later the pain started…

May 23, 2016