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The Works of Serge Benhayon was initiated by those who align themselves to the Way of the Livingness, a religion re-ignited by Serge Benhayon as its custodian. Its lineage is long and countless world teachers and philosophers of the past are recognised to represent that same light. In late 2015 a call out was made to students across the globe to lay down their personal experience of Serge Benhayon. The response to this initiative was strong and has subsequently resulted in this website and forthcoming book.

Below is the original letter founding the project.

Dearest Student Body,

We have all been so profoundly touched, inspired and truly met by Serge Benhayon. We have felt the absolute grandness he represents and have personally felt his divine will to serve and witnessed its phenomenally far-reaching impacts on society. We have been the grateful recipients of timely, detailed and deeply caring emails and conversations whenever we should stray from ourselves, require confirmation or support. We have sat in absolute awe countless times as we felt the words of heaven wash over us as Serge presents the absolute truth of the All. We have received the personal miracles of renewed vitality, stillness, commitment and quality within our own lives. We’ve felt our quality in relationships blossom and grow beyond recognition. We’ve been lovingly reintroduced to nourishing the body in a way that is yet to be so easily accessible anywhere in the world. We have received universal guidance on business, work ethic and true temporal success. We have felt immense healing and unparalleled support from the myriad of world class Esoteric Healing modalities… and of course much, much more.

Ultimately, we have been the direct recipients of the Ageless Wisdom personalised for our redevelopment by the World Teacher.

This statement is colossal and should be deeply felt and truly acknowledged. This is a teacher who has begun to herald humanity’s return. A teacher who will be known throughout history and studied in depth. A teacher whose recent incarnation’s work will give a detailed and meticulously expressed roadmap to expedite our return by arresting the immense ill of humanity’s own delay and meandering from truth.

Within the human mind it is all too easy to not comprehend astutely and deeply acknowledge the historically profound movement we are a part of. There is no doubt that this current point will be well known and studied far into the future. We will be seen as an inclusive community that lived the future vitality, truth and service in a time that will be otherwise marked for its rampant corruption, primitive unquestioning following of cheap science, slavery to false religion, ballooning illness, raping of the earth’s resources, indoctrination through capping and controlling education and therefore the dismal refusal to acknowledge any real issue by gluttonously gorging on entertainment to numb the acute tension of its own ill created reality.

Consider if hundreds if not thousands of years from now future students had the ability to fully access the detailed works, daily activities and intimate details of Serge Benhayon and those he worked alongside. If they were able to read primary sources that were absolutely accurate without taint or colouring, and if they were able to access hundreds of personal accounts that provided unique perspectives that together created an incredibly detailed and holistic representation of a man who lived as a walking embodiment of The Hierarchy’s work on earth.

Imagine if we had such detailed accounts of the great teachers Hermes, Krishna, Imhotep, Gautama Buddha, Pythagoras, Jesus and Apollonius of Tyana. To highlight this point, imagine that there were so many personal accounts of Jesus that the church had no leeway to erase any acknowledgment of his family or to twist the reality of his life for their personal gain and greed. Clock all the atrocities carried out by the church, the same institution that only gained traction through piggybacking and bastardising the truth of Yeshua. . . Consider how our world would look today. Now apply this to all the other world teachers whose work has been bastardised or those soulful lives forgotten due to those who chose not to express and lay down their testament.

With these revelations the student body has chosen to instigate:

The Works of Serge Benhayon

This will be initially released as a website but will ultimately be a book offering hundreds of personal stories from individuals sharing their experience of Serge Benhayon. Each article has the potential to include pictures, videos and audio. Each will also highlight a different aspect of Serge’s active involvement in the world. Some examples include writing about Serge:

  • the family man
  • the business advisor
  • the friend
  • the true charitable man
  • the business man
  • the healer
  • the author
  • the citizen in society
  • the relationship counsellor
  • the founder and re-igniter of true religion
  • the ethical man
  • the true seer
  • the true scientist
  • the true philosopher
  • the traveller
  • the founder of true modalities
  • the business partner
  • the presenter
  • the musical director
  • and so much more.

We are calling for students to write their personal experience of Serge. Please do not feel capped by these examples given above. For the purpose of this initiative it would serve well if each article focused on one element of Serge’s expression. Naturally, one person could write multiple articles addressing various facets.

Collectively we have the power to create the most comprehensive, accurate, insightful, healing, evolving and long standing energetic representation of a world teacher. This has never before been done, and now is the time.